The curse of culture

So my wolf and I have our home base in Everlook at the moment and I decided to grab one more set of beads to complete a second set of five before heading back to Felwood. We rode over to Winterfall Village to do the dirty deed and I had just sent the wolf to tank on a Den Watcher when suddenly a panicked gnome burst from the nearby gates of the village, running right past me with no less than three angry Den Watchers and a Shaman in hot pursuit.

The guild encourages acts of good citizenship, which is one reason it’s highly regarded on the server and never lacks for new members. So, I jacked up the armor, sent the wolf after one of the Den Watchers and ice-trapped the one I’d already engaged. Fortunately, the gnome had hurt them a bit, so my first multi-shot dropped two Den Watchers right away and my wolf and I were able to kill the Shaman and other Den Watcher before they finished off the gnome or the one I’d first attacked escaped the ice. The little guy and I took out the trapped one together, then he went on his gnomish way and I scored the set of beads for which I’d come in the first place. Of course, I found the whole thing hilarious and related the story to my guild. While they obviously found it amusing, (a frightened little gnome running from a pack of giant furry monsters is inherently funny) there was nothing but the online equivalent of blank stares when I concluded the little tale by saying “Exit village, pursued by Ursa”.

My sense of humor is just vastly unappreciated.