In defense of Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is the very last man on Earth that needs me or anyone else to defend him. But this is simply ridiculous:

Saying he’s ‘kicking Chuck Norris where it hurts – his wallet,’ Ng explains he’s starting the boycott because Norris endorsed a presidential candidate and supports ideas “far out of the mainstream.” Ng singles out Norris’ endorsement of Huckabee – “a candidate who says that he does not believe in evolution,” and “who called for the isolation of AIDS patients – long after the Centers for Disease Control determined that the virus was not spread by casual contact.”

Ng is obviously using the media’s definition of the mainstream, which is “a small minority of people who believe things that we think everyone should believe.” Most Americans don’t believe in evolution, and more than two-thirds of those who believe in evolution believe that God made use of its mechanism of natural selection.

Now, you may not like that fact. You may think Americans are really stupid and therefore should be ruled by benevolent scientist-kings. But you may not reasonably argue that a disbelief in evolution is a view that is out of the mainstream. As for the historical proposal to isolate AIDS victims, no doubt thousands of AIDS victims today are deeply grateful that their predecessors were not isolated, thus allowing them to experience all of that glorious suffering of which Mother Theresa and others have spoken so highly.

I don’t support Mike Huckabee nor do I share Chuck Norris’s beliefs about his suitability for the presidency. But I’m not about to stop watching Walker: Texas Ranger over it….