Nazi Germany is back

You know it’s getting bad when families are fleeing to IRAN in order to preserve their freedom of education:

A homeschooling father and mother from Germany have fled to Iran for the educational freedom found there, and now apparently are being sought by authorities for the offense of child kidnapping for taking their son with them, according to WND sources. And a new campaign has been launched by lawmakers to approve a provision in Germany that would allow authorities to simply take legal custody of children whose parents are trying to avoid the problems associated with the public school system there….

Numerous homeschooling families in Germany have run afoul of that nation’s Nazi-era law banning homeschooling, and being fined or otherwise penalized. In recent days, however, the threats against homeschooling parents frequently have included loss of custody of their children, and several families already have fled.

As Howard Stern says, the rest of the world should probably invade Germany and kick German ass every twenty years on principle. For as Winston Churchill correctly concluded, the Hun is either at your feet or at your throat. Remember, the last major round of problems in Germany were easily foreseen by the Austrian economists, who began leaving Germany and areas of probable German influence prior to 1933. It’s already clear to any serious student of history that the latest European flirtation with German fascism, the EU, is quite likely to end in a similarly ugly manner if it does not collapse under the weight of its own bureaucracy first.