Farah recalls the recent past

He’s apparently learned the hard way that it’s much better to sit it out than get another Republican like Bush in office:

I have a feeling there’s been a secret meeting to which I have not been invited. Many of my friends must have attended, because they’re all thinking alike.

Suddenly, because Mitt Romney narrowly won one primary in his birth state – the state formerly presided over by his governor father and a primary he was expected to win all along – he has been crowned, by these friends of mine, as the heir apparent to the GOP presidential nomination.

I’m not buying it. I’m not drinking that Kool-aid. Not now, not ever.

A big government Republican like Bush or Romney is actually worse in many ways than a liberal Democrat in office, because while the big government “conservative” governs very like a liberal, the evil results of his actions are inevitably blamed on conservatives. This sets the stage for more leftward movement. There is also the Nixon-to-China phenomenon. For example, Democrats could not have achieved the massive violations of American freedom inherent in the Patriot Acts, so the Bush Republicans did it for them. Now, as the second act of the bipartisan tango, it’s highly probable that Hillary will come in and make enthusiastic use of them.

I just hope Mr. Farah will remain firm in his resolve when the Fox News crew begins shrieking about the need to defeat Hillary in the Mostest Importantest Election Ever.