The Last Betrayal of George Bush

Having demonstrated that he is no conservative in nearly every possible way and taken every opportunity to assault American liberties, George W. Bush now attacks the Second Amendment:

Since “unrestricted’ private ownership of guns clearly threatens the public safety, the 2nd Amendment can be interpreted to allow a variety of gun restrictions, according to the Bush administration.

The argument was delivered by U.S. Solicitor General Paul D. Clement in a brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in the ongoing arguments over the legality of a District of Columbia ban on handguns in homes, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. Clement suggested that gun rights are limited and subject to “reasonable regulation” and said all federal limits on guns should be upheld.

“Given the unquestionable threat to public safety that unrestricted private firearm possession would entail, various categories of firearm-related regulation are permitted by the 2nd Amendment,” he wrote in the brief, the Times reported.

As you all know, I never trusted George W. Bush from the very beginning. I tried to warn everyone about him, starting with my first political column written in September 2001. Very, very few listened, insisting that he was a secret small-government conservative with a double-secret plan to hoodwink those evil big-government liberals.

Do you still have confidence that the Supreme Court judges he appointed will be either pro-life or pro-gun? I don’t.

I cannot stand George Bush, I dislike him every bit as much as the leftists who fail to understand that he’s essentially on their side and call him Chimpy Bushitler or whatever do. But I also have a deep and abiding contempt for those who call themselves conservatives and continue to support him and his fellows – Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Huckabee, and yes, Thompson – who will govern in exactly the same treacherous manner that Bush has. You want war? Oh, they will give you wars a plenty, both at home and abroad!

Now, the Manhattan conservatives at places like National Review, Fox News, FrontPage and Townhall* will assure you that this just isn’t so, because times have changed and that conservatism must evolve as it moves forward into the future and so forth. What they won’t tell you is that what this “conservatism” is evolving into is nothing more than the progressive all-encompassing vision of the Platonic Left.

I readily admit that there are a lot more of them, they’re all much better-known and more highly regarded than I am and they’re much better connected in Washington D.C. than I will ever be. So, it’s perfectly understandable that most conservatives will be inclined to believe what the conservative commentariat is trumpeting rather than heed my warnings. I simply ask them to consider one question before they blithely trundle off to repeat their previous mistakes:

Who was correct about George W. Bush?

* I am not saying that every columnist or staff writer associated with these media outlets is a faux conservative, only that they appear to outnumber the genuine conservatives there.