A league of my own

The Right-Wing News surveys the blogs:

Right Wing News emailed more than 240 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to answer 10 questions. The following 55 blogs responded:

The Absurd Report, The American Princess, AtlanticBlog, Baldilocks, Barking Moonbat Early Warning System, BitsBlog, (John) BitsBlog, BizzyBlog, Blonde Sagacity, Bluey Blog, Bookworm Room, Lorie Byrd, Cold Fury, Dr. Melissa Clouthier, The Conservative Reader, Conservative Grapevine, Damian Penny, Election Projection, Musings, Flopping Aces, Freeman Hunt, GOPUSA Northeast, GOPUSA Northeast (Hank), Guardian Watchblog, Dr. Helen, Jeff Gannon – A Voice of the New Media, Inside Larry’s Head, Keith Burgess-Jackson, JackLewis, (Brian) Liberty Pundit, Likelihood of Success, Moonbattery, Neocon News, Newsbeat1, Newsbusters, Nosiy Room, No Oil For Pacifists, The Nose On Your Face, Outside The Beltway, PrestoPundit, Pundit Guy, QandO, (Alexham) Redstate, Reformed Chicks Blabbing, Right Wing Rocker, Say Anything, Sister Toldjah, Slobokan’s Site Of Schtuff, Knowledge Is Power, Stolen Thunder, The Sundries Shack, dcthornton.com, Trying To Grok, Vox Popoli, WILLisms,

The bloggers were asked to select answers to the following questions (because some bloggers skipped particular questions, gave answers that weren’t listed, or gave answers that were difficult to categorize, there are not 55 responses to each question.)

1) Which candidate would you like to see as the Republican Party’s nominee out of this group?

A) Rudy Giuliani: 4 — 7%
B) Mike Huckabee: 2 — 4%
C) Duncan Hunter: 9 — 17%
D) John McCain: 3 — 6%
E) Ron Paul: 1 — 2%
F) Mitt Romney: 4 — 7%
G) Fred Thompson: 31 — 57%

It’s interesting to see how little support Giuliani and Romney have these days. There are certainly worse options than the Tennessee Toad out there, I would certainly have no objection to a do-nothing presidency if a do-nothing campaign had any hope of surviving Team Clinton. And I’m sure it’s nearly impossible to guess which of these 55 blogs cast the lone vote for Ron Paul.

Some find it lonely at the top, I just enjoy the solitude.