Propagation equation

This isn’t exactly news to anyone who has been paying attention since the dawn of human history.

When Prince & Associates, an American wealth-research firm, asked a sample group of thirtysomething women if they would marry for money, a resounding 75 per cent said yes.

I think my most blatant experience of this basic reality was when I met an extraordinarily attractive model, and after we were introduced, the very first thing she did was check the lapel label of my suit.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what you prefer in a prospective mate. I’m not exactly secretive about my preference for slender blondes with nicely defined cheekbones who live in the gym. The first problem lies with those who are dishonest with both themselves and others about what they are seeking, the subsequent one is thinking that merely finding someone who meets those preferences is going to be enough to satisfy you over time in a relationship.

There’s a saying that no woman is so hot that there isn’t a man somewhere who is thoroughly sick of her. And there’s no man so wealthy that there isn’t a woman somewhere who can’t stand to be around him – although in the latter case, the divorce settlement may have somewhat ameliorated the loathing.

I did find it amusing that the woman in the article who was interested in applying for the millionaires dating club appeared to be genuinely surprised to discover that these monetary targets of opportunity were inclined her various interests as secondary. But the basic truth is pretty simple and all the fairy tale fantasies in the world won’t ever change the fundamental reality or importance of the propagation equation. Women trade looks and sex for status and security. This is not a bad thing, in fact, this is how the race – species if you prefer – survives.

Give women status and security, they stop breeding. Give men hot women without making them take responsibility for those women, they stop breeding. This is not rocket science, and it is also why any society that bases itself on a principle of sexual equality will fail within in less than five generations.