He’s just losing, period

A commenter at the Evangelical Outpost corrects the impression that Rudy is only losing because he isn’t trying:

Rudy got 9% of the vote after 126 campaign events in New Hampshire to Huck’s 93. And spent $2.5 million on TV to Huck’s $100K.

Someone had better get that whip cracking on those Diebold programmers! I’m not so sure that the elite is convinced that they really need Rudy to play the fall guy anymore, though. Thanks to his undeniable political skills, Mike Huckabee appears to be the only one besides Ron Paul that might be able to make the Lizard Queen sweat in any way, although one has to assume that there’s no shortage of Arkansas dirt available to be either dug up or manufactured by Team Clinton.

Meanwhile, NRO’s Patrick Basham offers with a pro-Giuliani take on events:

Rudy’s decision to ignore both the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries guaranteed poor showings in these still-important first-in-the-nation contests….

Now, I don’t know if the appearance count and money spent is accurate for Giuliani, so perhaps someone can set me straight if the EO commenter is incorrect. But if he’s got the numbers right, then someone really needs to correct Rudy’s Republican propagandists.