About those debates

Let’s see, NFL playoffs or nattering politicians. Yeah, like I watched it. And why bother, when Vodkapundit sums up everything we needed to know:

7:23pm FINALLY, Paul is talking his principles. He’s taking a stand against the national ID card in general, and the welfare state in general. I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.

7:24pm Meanwhile, Romney interrupted to say how swell he likes legal immigrants. Or, if I may translate, “Please vote for me, Latino peoples. Even though I am pasty and have religious ways strange to you.”

9:00pm Did you know that Hillary has experience? Experience with change? Change that only her experience, her experience with change, can bring about? And that she’s a woman, a woman bringing change with her experience of womanness? Yeah, me neither.

9:01pm I half-expected Richardson to claim to have womanly changes, too.

As for the truly important stuff, I was wrong about the Redskins, but for one brief shining moment there when that freak kickoff gave them the ball in the red zone, I was feeling positively prognosisstic And although the Jags nearly choked it away in the 4th, DG ultimately came through when it counted.

Confession: I fell asleep after Rothlisberger threw that pick at the end of the first half. At that point, with Jax up 21-7 and both Fred and MJD running roughshod over the Steel Curtain it really looked like Game Over. I should have known better. Imagine what Big Ben could have done this year with a functional offensive line.