Atheist book-burners

Book-shredders, anyhow:

“This boy got up and his visual aid was a Bible and a book. And he got up and started his speech by saying ‘Now, this piece of crap’ and pointed to the Bible…. He took the Bible and he said, ‘I’m going to do this because I can. I’m going to do something that your stupid, little minds aren’t going to be able to comprehend and he took the Bible and started ripping out pages.”

The funny thing about vicious little atheists like this is the way in which they project their own tiny, self-restricted minds upon others. What sort of cretin believes that it’s impossible for Christians to comprehend people attempting to destroy the Bible, considering that the Bible has been outlawed and destroyed by authorities in nearly every nation in which atheists have held power?

Destruction is what atheists do, it’s their historical idiom. The only thing the infantile infidel neglected was to announce that his ability to destroy the Bible was a proof of the non-existence of God. That was the common Soviet practice when destroying churches.

As for the brat, will anyone be truly surprised when he ends up as yet another school shooter?

UPDATE – if you’ll excuse a very bad pun, it seems the kid was taking a page from the Soviets after all: ‘See, I can do this to the Bible and not be harmed because it is not true.’

UPDATE 2 – Speaking of taking pages, it seems only right to pay homage to some of my more hysterical critics in noting Professor Myers’s unique approach to teaching: ” I think classrooms should be extremely uncomfortable places for students…. Slapping students… is a good thing”