Little Green Fatheads

From Little Green Footballs: “Ron Paul blames the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on the “interventionist” policy of the United States”

From Mark Steyn, earlier that same day:“The State Department geniuses thought they had it all figured out. They’d arranged a shotgun marriage between the Bhutto and Sharif factions as a “united” “democratic” “movement” and were pushing Musharraf to reach a deal with them.”

So, the U.S. State Department’s clever policy was to send Bhutto back to Pakistan to inaugurate a shining new democratic era there despite her extreme unpopularity with the two major Pakistani political forces, which, unsurprisingly led to her getting killed. This assassination, amazingly enough, was quite likely at the behest of the man that the State Department was trying to push out of power on her behalf. (Motive, means, opportunity….) But, according to the very little, very immature minds at LGF, to blame her predictable assassination on the State Department’s intervention, or even describe that intervention in the politics of a sovereign nation as “interventionist”, well, that’s just crazy talk!

I’m increasingly coming to believe that Democrats are stupid, and Republicans are insane. Both conditions result in the advocacy of that which will inevitably lead to evil. In fact, that will be my explanation the next time someone asks me why I am a libertarian. I am a libertarian because Democrats are stupid and Republicans are insane.

There is no shortage of evidence to support this hypothesis.

UPDATE – this comment at LGF tells you all you need to know about the attachment of LGF and media “conservatives” to human liberty:

“I’d vote for Hillary before I would Ron Paul.”

Yeah, we’d sort of figured that one out already. And why wouldn’t they prefer Hillary Clinton to Ron Paul, given that their favored candidates share at least 75 percent of Clinton’s policy positions?