I’m no Chuck Norris

But occasionally one can hope to make a small impression on a mind here or there. GM drops a note:

I just wanted to say thanks. I have been a weekly reader of your column in WND, and read with interest your articles on Ron Paul. I started doing my own research, and have come to realize he really is the best candidate. Had it not been for your columns I may not have “discovered” him.

Keep up the good work. Go Ron GO!

I think it might have been Snowdog who wondered what my reaction to Andrew Sullivan’s decision to support Ron Paul, at least on the Republican side. I don’t actually dislike Sullivan, although I am not the biggest fan of him either due to a certain tendency to view every policy issue in terms of how it personally affects Andrew Sullivan. And it is regrettable that he missed so many opportunities to nail Sam Harris to the wall during what passed for their debate earlier this year.

But the entire point of Ron Paul’s campaign is human liberty and his refusal to use government force to impose morality, religion or social justice on anyone. This is why his appeal is so widespread, to the atheist and the evangelical Christian, to the drug user and the teetotaller. Regardless of which way one leans on any particular domestic issue, one knows that Ron Paul will not use the powerful mechanism of government against one’s beliefs… unless, of course, one’s belief entails the use of the powerful mechanism of government against the people.