In which I ask for your opinion

As no one will likely be surprised to hear, WND has asked me to provide them with series of excerpts from my forthcoming book for publication when the book becomes available. I’ve decided to do three; it’s one thing to beat the subject to death here on my blog – it’s my idiom, after all – but it’s another to do it in the column where beating the subject of Ron Paul to death is apparently more to the point.

I do get into a rut, don’t I. I wonder what the next one will be?

Anyhow, what is your preference regarding the columns? Three excerpts from the same chapter and therefore the same topic, or three excerpts from different chapters dealing with different subjects. In either case, which aspect of the overall religion debate interests you most? I can’t guarantee that I’ve anticipated and covered it, of course, but I’d still be interested in learning in what element of the argument those here, atheist, agnostic or Christian, happen to be most interested.