A historic day

If you’re an ESPN Insider, you may be interested to know that Bill Simmons is going for the SportsNation chat record today, hoping to beat Rob Neyer’s record of six hours 37 minutes. I think he’s good for at least 10 hours, if he doesn’t get derailed by technical difficulties.

Do me a favor and ask him if Childress should be fired or not. And ask him if we can pretty please have Randy Moss back. With a side order of Tom Brady.

How can you not want to take part in history with epic exchanges like these:

Otis (Toronto, ON): This is dedication: 1. Start your chat at the office while closing door to office and declaring a “brainstorming session” 2. Continue on the commmute home via blackberry 3. Continue chat on the home computer, taking breaks for smokes and steaks that being said, how close are we to having the Knicks banished to the WNBA?

SportsNation Bill Simmons: (12:29 PM ET ) That a boy, Otis! I like the idea of banishing the Knicks to the WNBA – Renaldo Balkman would be the 10th most attractive player in the league.