The Union is over

I’m looking forward to eventually seeing the same declaration made regarding the European Union as well as the Union of the Several States:

Mr Brown, in his squalid and anti-democratic way, has since the first devolved parliament opened in 1999 firmly resisted any suggestion that the West Lothian question needs an answer. He sees no reason why Scottish MPs (and indeed Welsh ones – Labour has 29 of them) at Westminster should not be allowed to continue to vote on matters that affect only the English.

Since the Welsh Assembly has recently received a new tranche of powers, expanding its areas of competence, this means that at Westminster Labour can technically deploy 69 MPs to vote on questions that do not affect their constituents one jot, but which can change the course of law in England. That Mr Brown blithely affects to be unmoved by this outrage causes one to question not merely his intelligence but his sanity….

The Union is over, morally at least. When Scotland voted for devolution in 1997 the Union fell into a coma. When Alex Salmond’s SNP administration was elected in May the last rites were read, and the final process of sundering got under way. All that remains is for the Scots, in a referendum, to vote to stick the coffin in the grave, with the Union flag still on it, and pile on the earth.

This is the last thing Mr Brown and the rest of the Raj want. Because of Scottish separatism they are already illegitimate in the eyes of many English, which is why they bang on with such dishonesty and vulgarity about “Britishness”.

It is ironic, how on the one hand Brown and the Scottish Raj are blathering on about “Britishness” while at the same time doing their very best to hand England over to Brussels. Of course, why shouldn’t they? They aren’t Englishmen and they obviously have no loyalty to England or the English.

The sooner the English figure this out and throw them out, the better.