Dumb enough to teach

Based on this display, BS should consider a career in the public schools:

The US public school system is one of the most richly funded in the world and also happens to be one of the worst performing educational systems in the world.

Funny how you are with those numbers. One might call it “intellectually dishonest”. Others might just say “math is hard for you isn’t it Vox?”

Check out the link BS provided – this is seriously what he cites in order to attempt proving that the USA isn’t “one of the most richly funded” school systems in the world.

“the U.S. devoted a greater share of public expenditure to education than all of the G-7 countries except Canada (Indicator 41). Further, relative to GDP per capita, the United States is among the highest spenders of the G-7 countries (Indicator 42). Finally, the United States outspent all of the G-7 countries except Canada on a measure of per student expenditure on primary and secondary education in constant U.S. dollars.”

Even with the fudged numbers provided – the USA has a high GDP per capita so using the relative figure rather than an absolute dollar-to-dollar per capita comparison tends to lower the USA’s relative position to less wealthy nations like Hungary – the USA has, well, one of the most richly funded school systems, exactly as I described it. Moreover, if private expenditures were included in the figure, this would likely send the USA to the top since the USA spends more on private education than any nation except Japan.

Regarding his defense of Nazi and Communist government-run schools, it would be very interesting to know precisely what other National Socialist policies BS advocates as well as which of the nine other pillars of the Communist Manifesto he deems worthy of support.

With critics like these, no wonder some people suspect I’m inventing them just to make myself look good. Math isn’t hard for me, but reading is clearly beyond Bob’s capacity. And about the only thing that anyone examining the numbers is going to say is “Wow, that Bob sure knows how to shoot himself in the foot!”