Prison interview

Again, I’m not interested in engaging in a discussion about my father, and this time I’m simply going to delete any personal attacks on him, but there’s no point in pretending that this isn’t a news story of interest to people.

I realize that many will be dubious, but at the end of the day, my father is a good, decent, and believe it or not, generally law-abiding man. Now, you might reasonably conclude that he’s mistaken, a religious nut, or even delusional, but no one who has met him, regardless of their stance on the salient legal issues, doubts his sincerity. Perhaps you believe that human decency is defined by unthinking obedience to whatever an authority figure tells you is the law; if so, you and I will simply have to disagree.

If I don’t sound upset, it’s because I’m not. None of this surprises me any more than did the reaction to 9/11, $800 gold, the disappearance of M3 or the mortgage crisis. The Empire never ended.