This is all but inevitable

I’m curious to see how long it will be before these unfortunate individuals begin shooting bankers instead of, (or in addition to), themselves:

A 12-hour standoff ended this morning with a north Houston man lobbing Molotov cocktails at Houston Police before taking his own life rather than vacate a home he’d lost to foreclosure….Residents noted there had been a number of foreclosures in the neighborhood lately.

But none imagined that Hahn would take his life rather than leave a home that no longer belonged to him.

Since when did the idea of a man defending his home to the death become unimaginable? The defense of hearth and home has been a constant theme of literature for centuries, if not millenia. In answer to my own question, I’m guessing we will see a new trend in mortgage-related homicide start within 18 months even if Bernanhke makes the dramatic basis point rate cut for which Larry Kudlow and others are calling.