Halloween scares

An impressive rant on what is apparently the new tradition of slutting up pre-teen girls in order to celebrate a negative emotion:

To the parent that thinks it’s “cute” to buy those slutty costumes for your girl,

You have failed as a parent. What are you thinking? It is NOT cute to dress your little girl in fishnet stockings, platform boots, exposed midriffs, vinyl whatever or anything resembling a Bratz doll. What are you raising your daughter to be anyways? Pregnant at 14. It’s beyond comprehension why you (a parent) would purchase this stuff. Maybe some of you do it because you want to live vicariously through your daughter? I find that utterly sick.

We don’t celebrate Halloween either; even though it was one of my favorite holidays as a collegian it’s not something that any of our neighbors really pay any attention to. I don’t have a huge problem with it although if I were to stop and take the time to think about it I’d have to say that I’m not enamoured of a holiday intended to celebrate fear.

Now, in the words of our feminist friends, I am objectively pro-slut. I am inclined to be favorably disposed towards the cheerful, thoughtless creatures, just as I am disinclined to be favorably disposed towards finger-shaking would-be school-marms who attempt to lecture everyone they encounter. Regardless, I think it is incredibly unwise to indoctrinate young girls into what is essentially a lotus-eater’s mindset, just as it is harmful to indoctrinate them into equalitarianism, feminism and other philosophies which are much more appropriate to adults than children.

However, Halloween was the source of one of my parent’s favorite stories about one of my brothers. It was November first and my mother received a phone call from several neighbors. It seemed that my brother had visited their houses, wearing the unzipped, inside-out jaguar costume that he’d worn while trick-or-treating the night before. He had obviously concluded that the idea of dressing up and getting free candy was a real keeper.