I can’t say I’m surprised

From Profootballtalk:

The talk in league circles after yet another subpar performance from Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is that the franchise plans to target another starting quarterback for 2008.

Yes, QB does tend to strike one as being a rather obvious need, followed by WRs who can hang onto the ball. In fact, the QB position struck most Vikings fans as a rather obvious need last year, although I can’t say I’m unhappy with either the Adrian Peterson or Sydney Rice picks.

I finally became convinced that Tarvaris simply won’t cut it after seeing him miss on two passes to Wade. It wasn’t his inaccuracy that was the problem, although that is certainly an issue, but the fact that he was seen trying to argue the throws after the fact with Childress and then Wade. In the latter case, there was absolutely nothing to argue about; Jackson just threw it too late and too far behind an open receiver slanting deep across the middle.

UPDATE: Aaron Schatz reaches the same conclusion:

One more note: Tarvaris Jackson is awful, just awful. He’s a walking, talking advertisement for the Lewin Career Forecast. No accuracy, awful decision-making, constantly flustered by pressure.