The Republican elite quakes

From NRO:

Ron Paul has $5.3 million for the quarter. That is five times what Huckabee raised. Wassup with that?

What’s up is that the conservative and libertarian grass roots have lost all patience with the idea of supporting another kinda sorta conservative politician who will come up with a million excuses to go along with the big government program.

Forget Giuliani. Forget Thompson. Forget Hucksterbee. None of them are going to be substantially different than Hillary, (who will betray her Democratic base and keep the wars going), so either support an individual who genuinely supports freedom, human liberty and the U.S. Constitution, or stay out of it.

If the nation wants to go to Hell with Hillary and company, so be it. It’s their right to make that choice. But we don’t have to acquiesce to the program.

UPDATE – Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic adds:

Ron Paul cannot be dismissed as a gadfly; the chance for him to outperform expectations rises exponentially with additional million dollars he raises. 5.08m is real money. There must be, within the Republican Party, a vein of anti-war libertarian sentiment. It is longer and deeper than many of us had suspected. The Paul movement is probably one part Buchanan bridage and one part fiscal hawk. It is clearly active in ways that most of us haven’t adequately understood? Paul may be in a position to be a giant killer now.

Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who can beat Hillary. The only one. Giuliania can’t, Thompson can’t. McCain can’t. Romney can’t. If the Republican establishment won’t get behind Paul, it will demonstrate to all and sundry that the nominally two-party system is nothing but a facade for a single bi-factional ruling party.