Not our problem

I don’t understand why we’re supposed to be concerned about the fate of the foreign relatives of the very people who are trying to ban Christmas and have publicly declared war on Christianity:

I find it troubling that, because of Ahmadinejad’s vitriol (and nuclear threats) against Israel, and his denial of the Holocaust, non-Jewish students seem to regard this as a Jewish problem, about which they can comfortably be passive, and evaluate the speaker as if his words, occasionally reasonable, had any relation to his actions. There is nothing sophisticated about the intellectual pose, common among students, that one must listen and evaluate “each side.” (Which, in any case, they don’t mean when it comes to conservatives.) Listening legitimates.

Now there are many reasonable Jews and Israelis whom I like and respect. Nor do I have any affection for the Islamic Republic whatsoever; I have two Christian Iranian friends who were forced to flee for their lives from the Islamic revolutionaries. But the fact is that Iran poses no danger to America and Ahmadinejad and his rambling rhetoric are far less likely to cause problems for Americans than the sort of Ivy League Jew who doesn’t believe that Americans should even LISTEN to free speech.

I’m guessing that like many of her left-leaning co-religionists, she’s probably not all that keen on the Constitutional freedoms of association, the press and the right to bear arms either.

Anyhow, God’s chosen people would do well to rely on God rather than the strength of a Christian nation that many of them appear to despise.