Get rid of replay

What’s the point of wasting time on it when the referee simply refuses to pay attention to the video evidence:

Bad call, bad replay review doom Vikes

The Minnesota Vikings blew a 10-point lead in Kansas City on Sunday, ultimately losing to the Chiefs, 13-10.

If not for a blown call by an official and a poor replay review of the decision, though, the outcome might have been different. In the second quarter, Vikings running back Mewelde Moore took a handoff on a play that started at the Kansas City 8. Moore deftly moved toward the line of scrimmage, then slid to the right and threw the ball to tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, who was uncovered as he came across the end zone.

The pass was a bit off the mark, but Shiancoe lunged forward to haul it in, and then rolled on the ground with his arm cradling the ball. As he celebrated the apparent touchdown, the official who watched the catch was slamming his palm toward the ground like a guy who was taking a friendly game of “Family Feud” way too seriously. No catch.

Out came the red challenge flag, as it should have. Though the available angles weren’t ideal, it was clear Shiancoe had caught the ball and gotten his radius and ulna under it. Contrary to what the keen eyes (eye roll) of the official spied, the ball did not strike the ground.

But referee Walt Anderson emerged from the booth after viewing the replays and announced to the world that the call on the field would stand.

It wasn’t the worst call I’ve ever seen, but it was up there. I simply do not understand the eagerness of NFL and professional soccer referees to disallow scoring. I loathe how they simply leap at the opportunity as if they get paid for every point they can take off the scoreboard. There was absolutely no question that Shiancoe caught the ball cleanly even prior to the review; the broadcasters were confused when the nearby official didn’t signal touchdown.

This isn’t the first time I’ve wondered if pro sports wouldn’t be better without zebras. I don’t know if the Vikings would have won anyhow, as Kelly Holcomb played the entire second half with a deer-in-the-headlights expression on his face and gave up an incredibly stupid sack at the end of the first half that cost the Vikes a critical field goal opportunity, but it certainly changed the tempo of the game.