The non-starter

Fred Thompson is an inept candidate. The UPDATED Michigan straw poll results:

Romney — 39

McCain — 27

Paul — 10.8

Giuliani — 10.6

Thompson — 7

This is an incredible result for several reasons. Romney’s win is no surprise — he paid for many volunteers to attend, perhaps as many as 200, and he leads in some state polls. But how about McCain finishing second, ahead of Giuliani? McCain had a lot of supporters there, but I’m told that he paid for no one…. Then there’s Thompson, [and Giuliani – VD] finishing behind Ron Paul. This is partly a reflection of his lack of an organization in Michigan, but it could also be about how bad his speech was.

Remember when it was Ron Paul who was “unelectable”? Now he’s actually beating “major” candidates… it will be interesting to see how things start shaking out once the real primary voting starts. But it’s clear that Giuliani hasn’t won over Republicans despite the elders trying to hand him the nomination and Thompson has looked more disastrous every day since he formally entered the race.