Civic literacy test

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute tests one’s knowledge of the spectrum of American political economy.

You answered 56 out of 60 correctly — 93.33%
Average score for this quiz during September: 75.3%

Two dumb mistakes and two questions that I simply did not know. Slightly embarrassing, but not bad for an emigrant. And it’s significantly better than today’s college graduates, as the Intercollegiate Studies Institute reports the following:

“The average college senior knows astoundingly little about America’s history, government, international relations and market economy, earning an “F” on the American civic literacy exam with a score of 54.2%. Harvard seniors did best, but their overall average was 69.6%, a disappointing D+.”

Jonah Goldberg beat me by a question, the bearded bastard. So, my dear ilk, how did you do? No Google allowed, just bare-brain it.

UPDATE – And don’t talk about the answers in the comments. Allow others to take the quiz unmolested by your opinions and untainted by your hints… we’ll discuss it tomorrow.