More of what’s killing you

Three decades of multi-culturalism have left Britain an unequal and segregated nation that is in danger of breaking up, race watchdogs say in a report published today. The Commission for Racial Equality fears the country is ”fracturing” and extremism is being fostered by the retreat of different groups behind their own ethnic walls….

”Britain, despite its status as the fifth largest economy in the world, is still a place of inequality, exclusion and isolation. Segregation – residentially, socially and in the workplace – is growing.” The CRE says priority needs to be given to improving ”community cohesion and integration”.

Never mind the fact that sociologists are discovering that the primary cause of ethnic conflict is the close proximity of diverse groups without those borders of segregation and exclusion. So, instead of ethnocentrism and a few hurt feelings, Britain can reasonably anticipate civil war and concentration camps.

Enoch Powell was a prophet.