VPFL Week 2

89 Cranberry Bogs
79 Black Mouth Curs

78 W.C. Silver Spooners
70 Burns Hausfraurers

77 East Mesa WhiteTrash
61 Masonville Marauders

76 Greenfield Grizzlies
52 Winston Reverends

64 Village Valkyries
56 Mounds View Meerkats

By the Georgia Peach, I’ve been beaten by a girl! I’m 1-3 in my two leagues this year – two of those losses to the WB, of all people – and the culprit is a combination of a lifeless Jacksonville running game, a New Orleans offense that looks like it’s possessed by spirits of Saints’ offenses past and Tom Brady’s infatuation with Randy Moss.

Let that be a lesson, obviously the smart thing to do is ignore DVOA as well as the previous season and start lots of Cleveland Browns.