Mailvox: His lord and savior

Dan waxes wroth:

‘Christian’ I doubt it very much. Let that be said but your ramblings or better known as ‘Bush Derangement Syndrome’ only serves what the democrat party portrays in their unadulterated hate for our troops and America at a time of war. Instead of getting your talking points from the alphabet soup stations of biased news all the time like abc, cbs, nbc, pbs, msnbc, npr, etc. you ought to check out what’s really happening from the ‘ground troops’ that are actually serving this nation while armchair quarterbacks like yourself are stabbing them in the back. Your hatred for a fine leader in President Bush has blinded you to the truth.

If your still believing the nonsense of it’s a ‘war for oil’ then you and Greenspan are too far gone.

THANK GOD for President Bush and our troops for not taking heed of the enemies wishes in Iraq or in America such as the democrats and Vox Day.

Yes, obviously one who fails to believe with his heart that George W. Bush is lord is no Christian. It seems Dan has an itch in his back that only twelve inches of West Texas steel will cure.