Not Chiba but Cholo

Univision is quickly becoming the #1 TV network in the USA:

In the first entire week (8/27/07-9/2/07) since all networks were reported from one single ratings sample, Univision ranked as the #1 network with an +11% advantage over its nearest competitor, FOX, and beating ABC by +43%, CBS by +42%, NBC by +57%, and fully +125% ahead of CW for all Adults 18-34, not just Hispanics.

And so much for that touching theory of “hard-working immigrants” yearning to breathe free and work hard. It looks like there’s a lot of Spanish speakers just sitting around watching television. However would the nation survive without them?

Individuals certainly can, but entire cultures don’t adapt up. It’s much more typical for an incoming mass of barbarians to bring the more civilized culture down; this is hardly the first migration in history. If you want to know what Hispanicized America will look like in fifty years, go to Mexico City.

SF writers take note. It’s not Chiba City that is the future, but Cholo City.