In defense of J. Farah

A Ron Paul supporter on Digg is a little bit too sensitive:

WND usually posts it’s articles for at least two days then moves down the page. I have seen Russo’s, Fred’s and NAU news on the site for 1-2 days. I have not noticed the same news on the site after 3 days. My POINT: This article DOES NOT APPEAR on the HOME PAGE nor the SECOND PAGE of WND. So not only does Vox offer a great article it appears WND is more suited to appeal to fake conservatives who have ruined our party and not even post the article for common visitors to even see.

It does appear that WND is afraid to enlightened the GOP party with a dose of truth and this is why I shared my point. Do you conclude the same point?

No, I don’t. You see my columns only appear on the editorial page, partly because they are op/ed pieces and partly because I tend to send them in about an hour before the Monday editorial page closes. You may notice that my columns are almost never headline columns, this is mostly because the editors like to make those decisions several days before I’ve even written my column.

Since I am one of WND’s most popular weekly columnists – usually number three behind Ann and Pat – they have no reason to bury my columns. If I was more professional about it, I’d turn my columns in earlier… of course, if I took the whole thing seriously, I’d also submit them to a syndicate, get an agent and accept the various radio and television interviews that I am regularly offered. But since it’s neither a job nor a career, so I simply do whatever I want. They put up with my idiosyncracies, I try not to write anything too terribly crazy and everybody wins.