Diverse support

The fact that both Andrew Sullivan and I are both supporting Ron Paul lends additional credence to my assertion about the unusual breadth of Paul’s support in in today’s column on the Ron Paul epiphany:

My beloved candidate has just won an Alabama straw poll, although almost no one showed up and Alan Keyes won last time.

The salient notion is not that Paul is all things to everyone, but rather, that the Bush-Clintons, the Edward Obama-Thompsons and the Rudy McRomneys can all be exchanged seamlessly for one another without any significant difference in U.S. foreign policy, especially where national sovereignty and the Constitution are concerned. Ron Paul aside, there is literally no reason whatsoever for those who value liberty, sovereignty or the Constitution to vote in the 2008 presidential election. And it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be given the chance to vote for him there, except as a write-in protest.

UPDATE – A New England independent explains his own epiphany:

I am glad Dr Paul’s message is finally getting out. I myself had the epiphany about 2 years ago…. The RNC was disappointed (to say the least) to hear me say that when they called me for a survey and to solicit a donation. I explained to the person on the phone how the Republican Party is committing suicide with the “front runner” candidates. When I asked what constitutionalist candidates they were sponsoring, the answer was silence. Their only care is about getting back the congressional majority. I asked them, what’s the difference in controlling congress when you go out and prop up a bunch of RINO’s? Again, no intelligent answer.