Impressive negativity

I’m not expecting signs and wonders out of Tavaris this season, but I’m certainly not as down on the Vikes as this poor Football Outsider is on the Giants:

Bill Barnwell: New York Giants. When I think about this upcoming Giants season, my heart hurts in the way it does when you think of ex-girlfriends sleeping with new people. Many new people. At the same time. While she reassures them all how much better they are in bed than you. Oh, and she does this all in the next room over from you while you’re trying to sleep. And then makes the whole group breakfast afterwards, your favorite breakfast, too, and throws out the last helping as you go to grab some. It’s like that, except it’s going to happen for about 17 consecutive weekends. It astounds me that some people still think this team has a chance of being competitive in 2007.

This is particularly funny due to the way in which most residents of Media Central are inclined to have such an overrated view of their sports teams.