Let’s talk about science

Scott forgets that this blog is not all about our debate:

I thought that Vox and I were in pretty substantive agreement when it comes to distinguishing between the science of evolution and the ideologically-motivated misapplication of that science. Curious, then, that he has expended several thousand words over at his site as to which Nazi wore which belt buckle, or whether the Soviets were ‘inspired’ by Darwin.

We are, and I’m doing some reading to catch up before responding to Scott’s latest post. My clarification of Nazi belt buckles was not related to the debate at all as my previous post on the subject predated our debate, and the explication of the Soviet inspiration by Darwin was only tangentially related by virtue of the subject. I have a weekly column to write, after all, which takes priority over the debate on evolution.

As for the idea that I am somehow playing “semantic dodge ball” or attempting to cloud the issue, I note that I’m not the one attempting to put a spin on the very basic concept of a “predictive model” or the idea that the scientific method is commonly supposed to require hypothesis, testing of the hypothesis and replication.