AS or Conversational Intolerance?

It’s so hard to tell. I found this woman’s response to my hypothesis that atheism may be related to Asperger Syndrome to be the most amusing. Isn’t AS, um, genetic?

Maybe that’s because people with Asperger’s automatically see right past the emotional/authority appeals to religion and notice that is full of shit otherwise with nothing else to back it up. But seriously, as both a recent atheist and a mother of an AS child, I say a big fuck you to Vox Day. I’m so upset I can’t be any more articulate than that at the moment.

Ah, such an unfortunate loss to literary history. The funniest thing is that she’s upset by the hypothesis, but posits a supporting explanation for it anyhow. And yet, why should what is nothing but a scientific hypothesis upset anyone? Should Christians go on the warpath because Daniel C. Dennett suggests, on the basis of less evidence than I presented in support of my hypothesis, that their religious faith could be nothing more than an evolutionary spandrel? Really, we’re all just scientists here, seeking to determine a scientific consensus supported by the evidence.

E si, ho gia letto il Robespierre dell’ateismo. In fatto, c’e un capitolo dedicato solo a lui.