Offended by English

Fresh from a brief encounter with sanity, Amynda slips back into irrationality:

Your use of the word “promiscuous” offends me, Petey. I prefer the phrase “doesn’t buy into the double standard”. Sluts are good people. Women who view sex as a means to pleasure and themselves as sexual subjects are smart and to be looked up to, not shamed. Women who buy into the idea that their bodies belong to men and therefore their sexual choices need to be made strictly with the desires of some prudish, misogynist they want to marry later (for reasons that make no sense) need help, not being held up as the role model.

Promiscuous is neither a difficult nor an offensive word, it is merely descriptive:

1. Having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.
2. Lacking standards of selection; indiscriminate.
3. Casual; random.

Since left-wingers believe from the very bottom of their bleeding little hearts that discrimination is bad, bad, bad, it’s peculiar that having their behavior described as indiscriminate should be offensive. But to be offended by a literal description of the very behavior they openly champion isn’t merely strange, it’s meta-weird.

Now, sluts can be perfectly delightful, especially the cheerful variety. The angry, self-loathing ones, not so much. But the negative quality of an idea is not dictated by its identifying label. No amount of feminist attempts to pervert the language are going to change that.

If the truth – or the mere language – makes you uncomfortable or angry, that’s a reliable sign that there is something seriously wrong with your thinking.