Nice work, neocons

Paul Craig Roberts is less than impressed with the president’s strategery:

This week the Russian and Chinese militaries are conducting a joint military exercise involving large numbers of troops and combat vehicles. The former Soviet Republics of Tajikistan, Kyrgkyzstan, and Kazakstan are participating. Other countries appear ready to join the military alliance.

This new potent military alliance is a real world response to neoconservative delusions about US hegemony. Neocons believe that the US is supreme in the world and can dictate its course. The neoconservative idiots have actually written papers, read by Russians and Chinese, about why the US must use its military superiority to assert hegemony over Russia and China.

I think this bodes well…. To any student of history, it’s always amazing to read how idiotic emperors and kings overstretched themselves. And then, one watches and marvels as modern politicians make exactly the same mistakes.

Man is not a rational animal.