The Temptation of Ron Paul

A Ron Paul supporter makes the presidential candidate’s case to skeptic John Derbyshire:

Mr. Derbyshire, when you turn your back on the Temptation of Ron Paul, all you are doing is expressing despair that the Gordian knot of money, power, influence, and bureaucratic paperwork that is currently strangling Washington and the country can ever be challenged. President Bush used to speak of the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations.’ When you relegate Ron Paul to only a dream, you are only confessing the lowest expectations for any vision of America other than the status quo. “

“I suggest that you find the courage to follow your dream. I know I can say without the slightest chance of contradiction that you will never find a man with more honesty, courage, decency, or integrity to hitch your dreams to than Ron Paul.”

If you simply want to vote for a winner, then vote for Hillary Clinton because Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney cannot defeat her. If you value conservative, libertarian or republican principles, you must support Ron Paul. There are no other reasonable options.