What passes for a response

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but even though I have more readers than ever, I get almost no critical email anymore and the blogs that used to savage me with all the bestial fury of toothless lambs no longer bother to take exception to anything I write. I don’t know if this is because they don’t enjoy the return fire or if they’ve simply given it up as a hopeless cause, either way, I haven’t received a single critical email today.

But HoneyHouston did contribute this gem on Digg:

It is quite obvious that Vox Day is a young little twit who’s still wet behind the ears. I actually saw red and heard fingernails on a chalkboard when I read his so called “article”. He apparently was hatched instead of born. Having raised 3 sons who were by no means perfect, I have never seen such disrespect of women in his “article”. Maybe he’s jealous…maybe he’s something else. I don’t know and I could give a you know what less. He totally insulted me and Hillary. In my opinion, she is the best and only opportunity for us to even begin to get this country back on track. The old saying is that the woman is always the power behind the throne which is a concept that dear, young, inexperienced Vox does not understand. Let Hillary drive any day…at least she’ll get us to where we need to be and will even ask directions along the way as opposed to any man I have ever known.

I’m just disappointed that she didn’t almost faint or want to vomit, but I’ll settle for actually seeing red. And I’m pleased to know that a woman whose perceptions can be physically altered by reading ideas she doesn’t like is considered worthy of a voice in government. I’m also curious to know why having a mother should be considered a reason to support women’s suffrage; presumably the millions of men and women who opposed it for decades were also born of woman.

She’ll get us where we need to be… that’s precisely my point. Of course, HoneyHouston doesn’t realize that where we need to be is a national nadir that will cause all of the sane men and women to realize that fictional equality is no basis for a functional system of government. Hillary has no intention of putting this country back on track, she intends to drive it further and faster down the track that it is already on.

And I am calmly expecting her to put some serious dents in the car, probably sometime in her second term. But it won’t be a terminal crash, we’ll probably need three or more significant disasters before the real fireworks begin.