Unusual, to say the least

Blackfive isn’t quick to dismiss the Kos charge as the usual kraziness:

Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman’s forehead and tried without success to get authorities to investigate whether the former NFL player’s death amounted to a crime, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

“The medical evidence did not match up with the, with the scenario as described,” a doctor who examined Tillman’s body after he was killed on the battlefield in Afghanistan in 2004 told investigators.

The doctors – whose names were blacked out – said that the bullet holes were so close together that it appeared the Army Ranger was cut down by an M-16 fired from a mere 10 yards or so away.

No wonder people are suspicious. First there were the lies about enemy fire, now these reports about friendly fire from very close range. It doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been an accident, but it does smack a little of an Arkansas suicide.