Lay off the estrogen, Peter

Peter King can’t understand how anyone could possibly do what most of mankind has done throughout history:

It sounds very much like Smith empathizes with Vick’s plight and doesn’t find it very objectionable that Vick might have put a few bucks down on dogfights. Is he serious? Is there anything justifiable about Vick going to a single dogfight, or gambling a dime on a dogfight? Should the feds, once they had evidence from four corroborating witnesses that placed Vick in the middle of one dogfight after another, have ignored the evidence and not gone after him?

I have no problem whatsoever with people betting on dogfights, cockfights or EUR/USD exchange rate. And yes, going to dogfights is perfectly justifiable, as is gambling a dime or more on it. Don’t give me that “it’s the law” nonsense either, if Vick was being indicted for breaking federal marijuana laws, King would be equally outraged, but at the feds for pursuing such a petty law.

Dogs die. Fighting them and gambling is low class entertainment, but most of the world is lower class, by definition. Considering that Peter King makes a living writing about men bashing their bodies into each other and permanently damaging themselves, his pretense that dogfighting is somehow beyond the pale isn’t just silly, it’s hypocritical.

And I’m told people have been known to wager on the NFL too.