In case you weren’t sure

That a university liberal arts degree is completely worthless:

Last week, a 10-week course on “The Magic of Harry Potter” ended at the University of Edinburgh, having tackled every aspect of the books from “possible religious subtexts” to “socio-political context”.

Universities do not exist to educate people. They only seek to bring in students to pay the bills, which means that if you want to pay $40,000 per year to sit around and talk about Harry Potter, they will happily provide you with the opportunity to do so. If you like to play computer games, they will offer you a degree in Game Development. If you want to do nothing but sit around and bitch about how awful the world is, they will give you a degree in Women’s Studies.

Knowledge is free. It surrounds you, it’s all over the place, it’s right there for the taking. If you need external incentive, pay your friend to come over and slap you in the face if you don’t read 100 pages of whatever subject you want to learn. If you have questions, find a blog or a forum devoted to the subject, or ask somebody here.