College is a waste

This is happening faster than I expected:

Psychological tests are increasingly being used to assess job applicants because university degrees have become so devalued, according to researchers. Academic degrees are no longer seen as a reliable indication of students’ numerical and reasoning skills, the survey of more than 200 firms found.

I can’t even get a degree in what I do from any top university. The gap between higher education and the skills required to succeed in life is large and it’s only going to grow wider.

It’s also interesting that it is psych tests, not knowledge tests that are replacing degrees as the primary metric. This indicates that they expect to have to teach you how to do everything anyhow, so what’s the point of hiring some clueless moron who thinks he knows what’s going on because he took two classes that are superficially related to the field.

It’s important to remember that a college degree is something that colleges are selling. You should be as skeptical about the product as you are about anything else being marketed by a big corporation.

However, students themselves seem to be less keen on taking the tests.

I’ll bet the little straight-A regurgitation specialists are shaking in their skirts over the idea of an objective measure of competence.