Children’s fantasy

I was on the phone with Big Chilly, which is always a mistake. We were kicking around a few things, from stuff that had to do with his interest in particle physics and event horizons to my hypothesis that one day, we will find the rest of the universe packed it black boxes marked “Do Not Disturb”, at which point some idiot scientist will, of course, open it.

I plan to write a paper proving this, in the hopes of receiving a letter from a prestigious physics journal rejecting my paper on the grounds that the boxes are merely regular cardboard shipping boxes colored black with magic marker, and in fact, one can still read the letters “UPS” underneath in some of the pictures which were thought to prove this stunning proof of the existence of dark matter.

Anyhow, another result of the conversation was this little passage by the noted fantasy writer, Flicka Flawkins:

“Whether we call the pretty flower fairies magic or not, they were the creators of life; they were our Founding Fairies… The pretty flower fairies may have had four wings apiece, or maybe two, or they may have been totally different. If they could not fly, we may say that their queen must have been captured at a later date by evil swamp frogs. If so, the pretty flower fairies were utterly destroyed in their attempts to rescue her, for no trace remains of them in modern toadstool circles, or anywhere else, for that matter.