The source of feminist fury

So let’s see which apply:

Taxation is theft
Why should I have to pay for other’s health care
Some people scam the system
Works in IT (sort of)
I have the right to the fruits of my own labor
Reads and admires Heinlein
The invisible hand of the free market
The problem is that the free market is too regulated
An armed society is a polite society

I actually tended to agree with Amynda’s general characterization of what shapes a feminist:

As for all the all-too-true stereotypes of white, middle class feminists, a lot of them are due to the fact that we grew up being told to go to college and that the world was our oyster and Title IX and equality and girl power, only to grow up and find that this is still a sexist world where you’ll be sexually assaulted, beaten by lovers, harassed when you try to get reproductive care, and talked down to by men who are less intelligent than you are. If nothing else, being talked down to by some conservative nutbag guy who couldn’t find his ass to put it in his underwear without the help of his beaten-down wife will make you a veggie-huffing, bike-riding feminist.

Amynda is starting to comprehend how the real world operates, what she is still missing is just how useless everything she learned is. The reason those dumb nutbags talk down to women like her is that they see what she does not: that she’s a useless eater who combines that total uselessness with petty arrogance and absurd expectations, as dumb as they may be, they are adults and she is still a half-child. Very few feminists are capable of fending for themselves without a government support system propping them up in various ways, which is why so many of them work for public institutions or regulated corporations and why they are nearly all rabid statists.

The thing is, throw a burqah on them and they’ll fall in line with that just as quickly because they’re essentially helpless. They know it and they rage against it, understandably but foolishly. The reason rape is a primary bugaboo despite its rarity is that they possess nothing but words and the power of offering sex. Rape threatens to eliminate half their power, which makes them feel even more helpless and angry.

So they pursue education thinking that will give power, but it hasn’t and they are killing the educational institutions in the process. The next step is politics; they’re in the process of killing that too. Think about how little power the government will have when the women hold the majority of offices and 75 percent of the men have quit voting. How stable is that situation? How long could it last? Because that’s where the West is currently headed as a likely interlude before the next tyranny.

Until feminists abandon the Patriarchal lens through which everything is viewed, they will always aim at the wrong targets and always fail with their successes. It’s just like socialists with their Labor Theory of Value; building around a faulty intellectual foundation can lead to results, but never to success.