So they’re not all bad

The once-democratic West might have been able to preserve federalism, property rights and national sovereignty if only our great-grandfathers had had the wise foresight of the Iranian mullahs:

An Iranian court has sentenced a women’s rights activist to almost three years in prison and 10 lashes for attending a banned rally, her lawyer said Tuesday.

It’s a bit late for the suffrage thing, but attendance at a Take Back the Night rally ought to be good for at least five lashes. With an extra two lashes for every lighted candle.

I can’t wait until women hold the White House and have the majority of the House and Senate. That will mark the end of the pendulum’s swing, because within six months, they’ll have passed enough Nanny State laws to spark violent rebellions from Maine to Baja California. I don’t know what they’ll ban first, football, strippers, beer, or video games, or if they’ll just pass a general law banning “fun”, defined as anything that could potentially risk physical harm or male enjoyment, but you know it will make Prohibition look like a libertarian convention held in Amsterdam.

It’s a bit Leninesque, I know, but the sooner we can get this equalitarian cycle over with, the better.