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Riffs from JamieR

In Yemen, a suicide car bomber blew himself up Monday at the site of an ancient temple popular with tourists, killing eight people and wounding seven, police said. Most of the tourists were from Spain, and this means they won’t be able to finish their ‘Out Of Your Western Fucking Minds’ holiday tour of Yemen, Egypt, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The attempted London car bombings were meant to be detonated by calls to mobile phones in the two vehicles, but failed for technical reasons, the Evening Standard reported today. In related news, men in beards have been camping out to be first in line for the British launch of the iPhone.

3 men have died in a fast-moving Utah wildfire. The 30 spouses have been informed of their passing.

In his latest bid to counter the tide of anti-Americanism in the Muslim world, President Bush is appointing a special envoy who would demonstrate to Muslim communities “our interest in respectful dialogue and continued friendship.” The Muslim world said it had sent a similar special envoy, but had taken the initiative much earlier than the Americans, in September 2001.