MTV and the evolutionary evangelist

Determining the real Flat Earthers:

When governments attempt to regulate the balance between a limited supply of health care and an unlimited demand for it they’re inevitably forced to ration treatment.

If I was an evolutionary evangelist, I would now begin shrieking about what a horribly stupid Flat Earther Michael Moore is and how he is more than 230 YEARS behind the times. Next, I would begin passionately insulting everyone who didn’t believe that Smith should be taught in the public schools and assert that anyone who even questioned Smithian theory was deeply and profoundly ignorant.

Why don’t I do that? Because I don’t need to throw a hissy fit. I know that Smith’s Law of Supply and Demand is a fact. There is evidence of it everywhere, surrounding all of us at all times, and should I need to do an experiment to prove it, I am capable of performing a simple demonstration any time it happens to be required.

So here’s the interesting question to be posed to every annoying evolutionary evangelical. Do you believe National Health Care is a desirable? If they say it is, then you can tell them to shut up about ever telling anyone else that they are ignorant, since the issue was conclusively settled decades before Charles Darwin was even born.

It’s very simple. When price goes down, demand goes up and if the supply is limited, shortages ensue. There is no appealing this, there is no way to rationalize a way around it, the only solution is to reduce production costs down to zero.