The Atheists’ Song

With all the requisite apologies to Monty Python:

Atheist Sam was a ladies man
Whose history was murky.

Chris Hitchens hit the sex kittens
Who were up for war with Turkey.

Don Richard D., on number three,
Liked girls and Louis Leakey

And the Brights began when Dennett, Dan
Was out and getting freaky.

There’s little Paris could teach Harris
Given his trouble and strife.
R. Dawkins, himself, knows how to shed a wife.

Bertrand took the mick on his own logic
When wife number two of the four got thick.

Nietzsche, we fear, was a wee bit queer
Science wasn’t the only gay frontier.

Diderot, Diderot liked the quid pro quo,
Onfray was fond of a sod.

And Christopher Hitch likes a randy bitch
I shag, ergo, no God.

Now, Dawkins is nothing more than a Darwinian machine.
A loyal little husband
But for when he spreads his genes.