Lying is what lying whores do

I know I’m shocked that Tony Blair isn’t telling the truth about his betrayal of Britain:

Mr Blair, making his penultimate appearance in the Commons as Prime Minister, insisted he had secured a legally-binding protocol on the Charter of Fundamental Rights that would prevent the European Court of Justice applying it to the UK.

It was the most important of the four so-called “red lines” that Mr Blair said he would defend at his final EU summit, which drew up a binding negotiating mandate for a new treaty to replace the proposed constitution, rejected by the voters of France and Holland two years ago. But a legal opinion prepared yesterday by Michael Carpenter, the legal adviser to the Commons European scrutiny committee, said Mr Blair might not have achieved as much as he claimed on “the line of deepest red”.

Mr Carpenter also said that Mr Blair’s declared protection of Britain’s foreign policy following the development of a EU-wide foreign policy “may turn out to be meaningless”…. The legal advice prepared by Mr Carpenter for MPs pointed out that “it appears that all the significant changes made in the constitutional treaty have been reintroduced in one form or another”.

I’m just hoping that’s the extent of Blair’s willingness to sell himself. If he’s taking money for sex too, I truly do not wish to know anything about it.