Media silence

Fred points out how the media hides the fact that blacks commit nearly all of the inter-racial crime in the United States:

Why do the government and the press consciously hide the race of criminals? Part of it is abject cowardice. Part of it is reflex, the journalistic templating that is now almost genetic. Reporters are not thoughtful. White-on-black crime is something you write about. Black-on-white isn’t. Truth doesn’t matter. A reporter wants to keep his job and get along in the news room. You don’t make waves where you work.

The deeper reason, though, is otherwise. If the press reported the extent of black crime, hell could easily break loose.

This is why the Duke charade was obviously false from the start, because white men almost never rape black women. The incidence is so low that it is almost statistical static, whereas black men rape white women thirty times as often. Considering that there are 6.2 times more white men in the USA, this means that a black man is 185 times more likely to rape a white woman. Celebrate diversity!